Renting your home on AirBnB? And AirBnB partnerships that equal free airfare!


Back before AirBnB was around, there was (and still is) a travel website called Couchsurfing. It’s essentially a free Airbnb, with the main focus on cultural exchange and friendship-making over just having a free place to stay. I used Couchsurfing a ton during my travels in Australia, Central America, and the United States and I […]

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Packing Cubes: space saver or hassle?


One of my favorite things about traveling is packing. Is that weird or are you with me??? There’s something really exciting about planning out what you’ll wear and do while you dream of the impending bliss of your next trip. I enjoy fantasizing about the fun I’ll have on travels. I spend time making lists (fyi I […]

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Recommendations for traveling on Whole30


About half way through my Whole30, I went on a three day trip to San Francisco for work. I wanted to set myself up for success, so I took about 30 minutes out of my day to plan how I would approach eating. I knew it would be a real challenge because SFO is my favorite […]

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Where am I traveling this year? And how to score deals on airfare!

los angeles

I love being an actress. I’m lucky enough to work to support myself, which is a huge step in LA. However, part of the gig is always making yourself available. One of the sayings of my industry is “as soon as you book a trip, you will book a job” and it’s true! I booked […]

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My experience and tips for: The Whole30


  It’s funny how without realizing it, we can slip into bad habits. I thought I was being nice to my body, but one morning in March,  I woke 10 pounds heavier than twelve months before. I didn’t eat my first meal until 2pm and most of my meals were carb and sugar loaded. I didn’t exercise, […]

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Zesty Glazed Carrots

IMG_6581 (1)

This week was one of those weeks there I really made an effort to eat all the contents of my fridge– nothing to waste! I hate to admit it, but I wasted quite a bit of food in 2015, and although it wasn’t a resolution or anything, I felt compelled to do right by the Earth […]

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Munich and Paris: two week euro trip in a carry-on


Finally- my first trip to Europe happened!!! I visited friends in Berlin for five days followed by eight days in Paris. The average temperature was in the mid 40s during the days/high 20s in the evenings. I packed everything into a carry-on and one medium sized purse because I cannot stand 1) dropping/picking up checked luggage […]

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